A few words about us

Your pets are housed in clean and spacious rooms with adjacent en-suite outside fenced runs where they can observe the goings on and sun themselves on a nice day. The rooms are comfortably furnished with an enclosed litter tray, toys and a climbing perch for the cat to enjoy.

All fabrics and textiles are regularly washed, the rooms are cleaned sensitively and regularly. If your cat is used to her particular bed, you can bring it to help the pet to settle in to a new environment.

We use the dry variety of Royal Canin and Purina Pro Plan food, Whiskas sachet food, Dein Bestes, Felix and the other quality catfoods. We also have snacks and cat milk as an occasional treat. The cats are fed twice daily, older cats and kittens three times a day. The feeding frequency can be arranged according to your wishes. The cat can access dry food and fresh water at all times. If your cat is on a special diet, her need can be discussed and accommodated.

If you are planning to use our hotel, please note that the minimum stay is three days. Frequent journeys to and from a hotel are always a bit stressful for your cat and a better solution for very short breaks is to leave them in the home environment with plenty of dry food and two clean litter trays.

What we offer

1.Cat accommodation

Cats are housed separately or in pairs in rooms with private enclosed outside secured run. The size of the room is 120x120x250cm, the flooring is a washable PVC which is warm underfoot. Each room has a radiator connected to the central heating system. There is a direct access to the outside run through the cat flap or a balcony door. The size of each outside run is 140x170x210cm. The room and the run are meticulously sanitaized after each customer. The run houses a closed litter tray and a perch for the cat to relax on. The room is furnished with one or two cat beds , toys , the scratching post and 3 food bowls. The room comfortably houses cat’s own cat carrier.

2. The food

As cat owners, we all know how diverse (or conservative) our pet’s tastes are. We aim to accommodate this with the variety of food we offer like Whiskas, Friskies, Felix, Kitekat, Dein Bestes etc. The similar choice is offered in dry food. We can also accommodate the cat’s preference to be fed on cooked meat, fish and alike. The type of food is always agreed in advance with the owner. The cats are usually given the soft food twice a day, they have a permanently full bowl of granules, water and if agreed with the owners, the milk. You can also bring your own food. The price difference is stated in our price list.

2. Veterinary care

When it comes to providing the vet care for your pet, you can rely on us. The top grade clinic is in Liberec which is 22km away and it is available 24 hours a day. The vet can come on a home visit or we can use our specially fitted company car. We also cooperate with the local vet who is fully mobile and if there is a need, he can arrive within 15 minutes.

We can also arrange various non emergency veterinary care for you ranging from revaccination to dental hygiene and other services.