“Us”, “We”, “Our” means KOTOKO SRO trading as KOTOKO Cat Hotel
“You” and “Your” means you the client
“Working Days” means all days of the week except Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.
“Special Fees” means the costs, charges and expenses payable by You to Us referred to in clauses 5, 6 and 8 below.

Our Obligations

We Agree –

1. To care for your cat at out Cat Hotel for the period that You booked on the booking form (subject to the acceptance of the booking by us and payment being received).
2. The care referred to above includes giving your cat exclusive occupation of one cat hotel unit and outside pen (unless otherwise required by You e.g. You wish two or more of Your cats to share one cat hotel unit.
3. The care referred to above includes providing Your cat with food and freshwater three times per day. We will feed you cat with a variety of wet and dry good quality cat foods (i.e. We use brands such as “Whiskas” and “Purina”)
4. To notify You by Your preferred contact method should Your cat become ill.
5. To perform such additional services as We agree with You in writing. For example transporting Your cat to an agreed pick up point, taking Your cat to the vet, paying the fees of the vet, paying for medication. Any additional services so performed will require Your written agreement to fully indemnify Us in relation to any monies we expend on Your behalf and Your agreement to pay Our reasonable fees and meet Our reasonable expenses in respect of the same.
6. If you cat has any special dietary requirements We agree to feed Your cat in accordance with Your requirements subject to Your notifying Us in advance and in writing of those requirements and You paying any additional cost which you and We have agreed on or before the commencement of Your stay.
7. In the unlikely event that Your cat becomes ill, is injured or dies whilst it is staying with Us and that the illness, injury or death in question is caused by Our negligence or deliberate act or omission We will compensate You up to a maximum of 3,000KC (Three Thousand Czech Crowns) per animal. We will not compensate You for any illness injury or death caused by and illness, condition or disability caused by an Act of God of from which Your cat was suffering on arrival or which arose from Your failure to properly immunise, vaccinate or otherwise medicate Your cat.
8. If Your cat is of a commercial value in excess of 3,000KC (Three Thousand Czech Crowns) You must notify of this (and the value of the cat) in writing at last 3 working days before the date upon which Your cat’s stay with Us commences and We will offer You terms of additional insurance.
9. If We need to cancel the whole or any part of Your booking due to exceptional or unforeseen circumstances or because of an act of god, We will refund Your deposit and the balance of the booking fee if already paid and We will pay You 150KC (one hundred and fifty Czech Crowns) for each day cancelled and You agree that You will accept this sum in full and final settlement of any financial or other loss that You have suffered.

Your Obligations

You agree –

10. That otherwise agreed, you pay us the half of the accommodation price for you cat 7 days prior to your arrival and the remainder on the day of the arrival.
11. The payment method is a bank transfer or cash.
12. You will pay any Special Fees when you collect your cat. You agree that if You fail to pay all outstanding Special fees when You collect Your cat that You will pay Us 1,000CZ (1,000 Czech Crowns) for each 24 hour period in which the payment of the Special Fees is overdue in addition to the payment of the Special Fees themselves.
13. That upon arriving with your cat that you will provide Us with an original up to date vaccination card proving that Your cat has the basic feline vaccination. You agree that We may make and retain a photocopy of this card. You understand that failure to provide this card will lead to Your cat not being admitted and Our cancelling Your booking. If the whole or part of Your booking is cancelled for this reason You will not be entitled to a refund of Your deposit or the outstanding balance or any Special Fees which we have incurred.
14. That in the event of Your failing to pay Our fees (including Our Special Fees) by the date due in accordance with this Agreement that We may at Our discretion (and in addition to and without prejudice to any other rights We have under this Agreement or in law) charge You compound interest upon any such fees Outstanding (including Special Fees) at a rate of 20% per annum and that You will indemnify Us in respect of any legal fees which We incur in recovering any such monies from You.
15. You accept and will comply with these Terms and Conditions.